New Leagues event and extension of reward season Development
1 October 2020
Today marks the start of a new event in Cuisine Royale! Accompanying the new Leagues leaderboard season are epic rewards, so now is the time to go for them! At the end of the Leagues season, the best players will be awarded and each winner will receive not only the maximum prize for their achieved level, but also all prizes from the lower levels. The top rewards will be calculated irrelevant of the game mode, so you can play solo, duo or squads - the choice is yours.
Update Update
22 October 2020
A bug where Erik was able to fly at long ranges in the special ability “Thunder Strike” has been fixed.
Update Update
18 September 2020
The footstep sounds of your squad members have become quieter in order for you to hear enemy footsteps more clearly. A melee kill will no longer show the ‘Headshot’ notification. A bug has been fixed where teammate hearts might drop through objects if they had been killed inside buildings.
Update (PS4) Update
7 September 2020
Now you will not see short messages and will not hear voice chat from banned players. Fixed incorrect hand position when switching from Night scope equipped weapon to melee. Itz Ocelotl will not trigger traps when in Spirit Walk mode.
Update Update
31 August 2020
Fixed the possibility of removing the Dark Zone sound; Fixed incorrect hand position when switching from Night scope equipped weapon to melee...
Update Update
18 August 2020
A problem with climbing on roofs has been fixed.
Update Update
14 August 2020
The possibility of shooting without using ammo has been fixed. A gesture animation will now be interrupted by using melee weapons.
Update Update
5 August 2020
The hero will no longer create a sound of serious injury (like he has been downed) when receiving a contusion from an explosion. The time required for creation of the ice shields has been reduced. The speed of tombstone growth has been decreased. A bug where the use of Ocelotl’s special ability (Spirit Walk) didn’t extinguish a burning hero has been fixed. A bug where zombies reacted to the Ocelotl during his active “Spirit Walk” has been fixed.
Update Update
30 July 2020
Removed apparent lag when using melee attacks. Now you can see bonfires on the minimap in case you have the heart of your teammate in your backpack (to simplify finding them). Now fridges stuck with collision will not kill players. Fixed camera angle limits when aiming in a vehicle.
Update Update
14 July 2020
χaos Games now displays the nicknames of streamers in the game.
Server update 08.07.20 Update
8 July 2020
A bug where Xaos Games voting could hang without a result if the streamer has been killed has been fixed.
Update Update
2 July 2020
Fixed the collision of 3.5 Night Scope with some armor and outfits of Champions while targeting.
Server update 24.06.2020 Update
24 June 2020
Heaven’s Wrath ritual now works correctly when started by Xaos Games.
Update Update
19 June 2020
Now streamers who have linked the Twitch and Gaijin Streaming Service accounts and also enabled streaming mode (in Options, Xaos Games tab) will get 10 sinner souls for each minute of playing live on the stream.
Update Update
4 June 2020
Fixed a bug that allowed the conducting of repeated attacks too quickly in melee.
Update Update
3 June 2020
The duration of Valentine's ‘Flickering Step’ ability has been lowered from 24 to 18 seconds, meaning the number of instant dashes has gone down from 4 to 3. The damage caused by .45 ACP ammo has been increased to 8. The damage caused by the 9 mm pistol and SMG ammo has been lowered to 7.5. The damage caused by machine gun ammo has been increased to 12. Recoil for the Gewehr 41 and Gewehr 43 rifles has been increased. Now, when Champion moves while not in targeting mode, his accuracy will decrease depending on his movement speed.