Update “Age of Nagual”: unique Bullet Time, Fury of the Beast and a new Character Update
9 October 2019
Today we publish a major update for Cuisine Royale, it is time to reveal final important new features to come with it. We kept the really cool ones for today! At the end of the text you’ll find a full change log as usual.
Discounts? Discounts! News
20 December 2018
It's always nice to get something cheaper than usual.
Update Update
17 December 2018
Characters will now eat responsibly. Machete moved to the free lineup. Machete now deals more damage than a knife, but less than an axe.
Update Update
13 December 2018
A bug where in spectator mode the red screen didn’t couldn't be turned off has been fixed; bug with “desynced” players that occasionally could be seen on the battlefield has hopefully been corrected.
The Market in Cuisine Royale! News
13 December 2018
Now you are able to trade unique from the previous season, for example, the godfather costume from “Italian Weeks” on the Gaijin market to other players for Gaijin Coins.
The ”Wild West” season has begun! News
12 December 2018
Welcome to the Wild West! Cowboys, bandits, sheriffs, native americans and other heroes of the prairie will fight each other to see who is celebrating their victory over the fallen.
The “Wild West” season - what's new? Development
11 December 2018
Are you looking forward to the beginning of the new season - “Wild West”? We want to tell you about new stuff we have prepared. Really soon you will receive a new update and there will be a new story in Cuisine Royale, where you will be the hero!
Welcome to the Wild West and our new heroines News
10 December 2018
We are going to discover America, where new adventures await, new recipes are found and a huge number of things related to the culture of the American Wild West will be discovered.
Discounts? Discounts! News
6 December 2018
It's always nice to get something cheaper than usual.
Off-season. Italian weeks prolonged News
5 December 2018
Italian weeks season ends, but you can still have the time to receive items which are not opened!
“Hollows” have been eliminated!
4 December 2018
Testing with “Hollows” is now over.
What about discounts this week? News
29 November 2018
Take time to get the 20% discount for following items in our store.
Update Update
29 November 2018
Hollows are back for your food!
High Cuisine Seasons: week 10 News
28 November 2018
So, the tenth week has come, and new tests are now available in the game. Head to the Kitchen and cook all of the recipes from the Godfather's Cookbook.
Update Update
25 November 2018
A bug when a character within a vehicle was invulnerable has been fixed. A bug that caused a crash while making a screenshot in the login menu has been fixed. Network traffic has been reduced.
Update Update
22 November 2018
Game performance has been improved; Posters and maps have been added to the sides of bins....