Update “Age of Nagual”: unique Bullet Time, Fury of the Beast and a new Character Update
9 October 2019
Today we publish a major update for Cuisine Royale, it is time to reveal final important new features to come with it. We kept the really cool ones for today! At the end of the text you’ll find a full change log as usual.
Cuisine Royale — new battle royale shooter News
22 November 2018
Cuisine Royale is an all-kitchen-warfare Battle Royale game with the most honest system for Loot Boxes ever. Originally an April Fool’s joke from developers of squad based MMO shooter Enlisted, Cuisine Royale was highly appreciated by players and is now released as a stand-alone title.
New week - new discount for cool gesture and costume! News
22 November 2018
Take time to get the 20% discount for following items in our store.
Update Update
20 November 2018
A few crashes have been fixed. Packet loss icon image has been fixed.
19 November 2018
Hey, fellow foodie! You're watching Tips & Tricks for Cuisine Royale! Today we'll tell you how to win...or at least how not to fail miserably.
20% discount for a cool gesture and costume! News
15 November 2018
Take time to get the 20% discount for following items in our store.
High Cuisine Seasons: week 8 News
15 November 2018
The 8th week of the Italian season has begun, so there is less time gain outfits, masks, graffiti and other awesome items.
Update Update
7 November 2018
Character parkour skills have been improved. It is now easier to climb over obstacles. Character movement inertia has been reduced.
Update Update
6 November 2018
Thanks to everyone who took part in our Halloween event. With this update, the following changes have been made...
Update (updated 03.11.2018) Update
31 October 2018
There are some “Hollows” in the game - these are killed players who turn into zombies. They are trying to kill you and they are not to stop, even by closed doors!
Update Update
29 October 2018
What kind of cook does not like funny cooking? So let's have some fun! Let's prepare a holiday together!
High cuisine seasons: 4th week News
19 October 2018
The tasks for the 4th week of the italian kitchen are already available in the Cuisine Royale.
Update Update
17 October 2018
Today we’re presenting you with a few more improvements to the game.
Update and Update
15 October 2018
Recently there were two small updates. So what has been changed?
Cameraman Video
12 October 2018
In this vid we will show you why you need your cameramen minions in Cuisine Royale. How can they really help in following your opponent hidden behind cover? Why should you learn about some spots and ditches with the “sniper view”?
Update Update
10 October 2018
Visual detailing on many objects has been improved. Now the clothes, doors, walls, stones and other objects looks even better.