“Heaven's Wrath” arrives in Cuisine Royale Update
6 May 2020
Cuisine Royale is pleased to present you with a new major which has rightly been named “Heaven's Wrath, and we are excited to now reveal to you the cool features and novelties that have been added to the game!
Updates Update
28 June 2019
Now you can request a personal fridge drop in the middle of a battle to get rare weapons and items. Obtain a flare gun to request the cargo from orbit. But beware: your loot can end up in the hands of your enemies! Also, gravestones and underwear now come with handy bonuses. Take your time to look at them closely. Naturally, all underwear is fully compatible with your favourite costumes, so no rush to change clothes. And last, but surely not least - The Jetpack is now back in the game! Those of you who managed to enjoy it in our April 1st event have asked about it rather often. Players with weaker computers would benefit from new low graphics settings.
Server Update 19.06.2019 Update
19 June 2019
The distribution of loot items on the map has been reworked, and will now be more even. There should be no more situations where there is nothing to loot in houses or villages. Oh, and don’t forget to check the attic!
Update Update
14 June 2019
A bug where the sound of picking up items dissapeared and it was not possible to spray over the surface has been fixed.
Update Update
5 June 2019
Some game crashes have been fixed.
Update 05.06.2019 | XBox Update
5 June 2019
An update from 05.06.2019 has been released. You can see the full list of changes on our page.
Update Update
28 May 2019
The incorrect display of text in the menu has been fixed. The display of different grenade types in the player’s inventory has been added. The circular menu has been improved: Tabs have been added.
Updates Update
16 May 2019
We reworked controls, added a new weapon, improved graphics, interface, animation, and that’s not all we have on a plate today!
Update Update
17 April 2019
A bug where the player/character model was frozen in the sitting position or could soar in the air for a time when moving from obstacles by pressing the "jump" button has been fixed.
Update Update
19 March 2019
Hi there! Have you been missing the updates? In that case, here’s what’s new in the game!
Update Panzerschreck, armour and helmets Update
7 February 2019
New weapons, armour etcNew weapons, armour, sights and helmets, radiostations for boombox and bug fixes!
Update Update
23 January 2019
Game performance for systems with AMD graphics cards has been improved.
Update, Update
16 January 2019
Smoke grenades added. An option to switch grenade type has been added (“5” by default). It is now possible to show an item to your teammates (“arrow left” by default).
Update Update
26 December 2018
New PTRS-41 weapon has been added. New Mk2 grenade has been added. Grenades now break windows when thrown though. A bug with incorrect damage displayed from pan and other melee weapons has been fixed.
Update Update
22 December 2018
A bug when the camera shaked whilst picking up items from the ground has been fixed.
Update Update
17 December 2018
Characters will now eat responsibly. Machete moved to the free lineup. Machete now deals more damage than a knife, but less than an axe.