Update “Age of Nagual”: unique Bullet Time, Fury of the Beast and a new Character

9 October 2019

Hail to all the last ones standing!

Today we publish a major update for Cuisine Royale, it is time to reveal final important new features to come with it. We kept the really cool ones for today! At the end of the text you’ll find a full change log as usual.

There are now three characters!

Sniper Annie and bouncer Clyde now have the company of Itz Ocelotl - a war time shaman of the Aztec people. 

In the game he will be present in four outfits: standard Aztec warrior, High Priest, Jaguar Knight and Eagle Knight.

An Aztec warrior does not wear pale face underwear. But he does wear talismans, giving him some tactical bonuses. Together with Ocelotl you’ll be able to unlock and use 9 talismans giving you additional souls for rituals, kills, food consumption, jumps as well as a 30% discount for mystic signs and ritual usage. Ocelotl  can also wear any of the current masks.

Pick your costume wisely, since having sinner souls in a battle becomes even more important.


The ability is activated for sinner souls. So, now the question of which character to play is not purely aesthetic anymore, but a tactical choice.

Annie “Pinup” Ashley

Annie “Pinup” Ashley can slow down time by half for three seconds, creating a time paradox. This is mostly useful to aim better and blow the enemy’s head off from greater distance. Especially since in this state Annie ‘feels’ her victims much better and can deliver pin-accurate shots even when the lighting conditions or enemy visibility are poor. 

After time is over, temporal fugue sling shots Annie back to the present time, so be ready as  that 1.5 seconds you stole will catch up with you really fast.

The time paradox means Annie can kill in the past, changing the present. Or die in the future, changing her past. Sound strange? Well, that is what a paradox is all about. Playing with time - is a dangerous thing.

Annie’s ability - is the first implementation of time paradox technology in multiplayer games, and we are sure you’ll like it!

Clyde “Dozen” Mullican

Clyde “Dozen” Mullican will really prove he can be worth a dozen in a fight! He can call upon the fury of his hidden personality - the Beast. in this state Clyde becomes faster, stronger and thinks only about killing ‘em all.

Though while being in a Beast Fury, he doesn’t remember how to shoot or even wield any melee weapons, so he switches to killing with bare hands. Anyway, this ability can switch the situation in a fight if Clyde is cornered. And increase in running speed can help him close the distance if his goal is to corner somebody else…

Itz Ocelotl

Last but not least, Itz Ocelotl. In each of his appearances, Ocelotl is a mighty shaman. He can open the door to the spirit world and move through it to another place in our reality. 

while traveling the spirit world, he is invisible and intangible for others. But he also can not use any material objects - including driving or using stationary machine guns. Also, he still leaves footprints in the sand, marking his presence. Smoke from the Cigar of Ogum exists in all worlds at the same time, also demasking him. Remember, they warned that smoking kills?..

Killing Ocelotl while in the spirit world is impossible, but an observant enemy can notice a strange flickering in the air moments before Ocelotl steps out. This can help to prepare a rather warm welcome for him. So beware and plan your trip beforehand. Used wisely, this ability can help you either escape a difficult fight, or prepare a clever ambush from a direction nobody expects.

Current Update will be delivered to Pc users. Xbox will follow in nearest couple of days after we get it approved by the platform.

Full change list

  • New location “Mexico”.
  • New game character “Ocelot”.
  • Special character abilities:
    • Annie “Pin-up” Ashley can slow down her own time by half for three seconds by creating a time paradox and using the ability to shoot more accurately.
    • Clyde “Dozen” Mullican can appeal to the fury of the beast, becoming faster and stronger, and going into an effective fist fight mode.
    • Ocelot can open doors to the world of spirits and move invisibly and intangibly while in this form.
  • New weaponry:
    • German PzB 39 anti-tank single shot rifle.
    • American M1917 Enfield magazine bolt-action  rifle. 
    • American M1941 Johnson semi-automatic rifle. 
    • Ithaca 37 Pump-action shotgun.
    • German Dreyse M1907 pistol.
    • Aztec Macuahuitl Sword.
    • Aztec Royal Macuahuitl Sword.
    • Baseball bat.
  • New in game items:
    • Slot machine - a slot machine that allows you to win useful items.
    • Aztec gold - the currency needed to play slot machines.
    • New food.
  • New mystical seals and rituals:
    • Linked Teleport traps for moving between two seals.
    • Ordinary and catalyzed Zombie Apocalypse rituals to summon a zombie horde from the Dark Zone for 5 minutes.
    • A fake premium fridge trap.
  • Suits and customization:
    • “Ocelot” costume "High Priest".
    • Ocelot's Knight Jaguar costume.
    • Ocelot's Knight of the Eagle costume.
    • Aztec mosaic mask, and rock face mask, which reduce the cost of playing slot machines by 30%.
    • The round face mask will replace grenades in the slot machine with a jackpot.
    • Aztec mosaic panties, and Yellow Lizard panties, will give you a bonus of +10 extra souls for each kill.
    • Lizard panties, and Aztec Bird panties, will give you a bonus of +20 extra souls for each kill.
    • Red and Black panties, and Aztec statue panties, will give you a bonus of +50 extra souls for each kill.
    • Headpiece “Crown”.
    • The Aztec tombstone and the Royal tombstone, which provide a bonus saving of 35% on souls of sinners (but not more than 100), which will be available in the next battle. Also saves 70% of souls from the reward to the enemy for killing a character until the destruction of the tombstone in battle.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Weaponry, ammunition and other items:
    • Helmets and chest armour are now divided into 4 categories (the category will be indicated in the item name). All items in the same category have the same protection parameters.
    • Food is now divided into 4 categories. Within the same category the food has the same health regeneration parameters. Canned food and tin cans can be found anywhere on the map but will restore less health while served food and the royal lunch will restore a lot of health but can only be found in fridges. The interface now shows the heal value and time of food consumption.The Royal dinner’s weight (duck and piglet) has been decreased so inventory space is not cluttered too much.
    • Items are now distributed on the map more evenly.
    • The number of buckshots in shotgun cartridges has been fixed. Now there are 12 pieces in all of them instead of randomly being from 12 to 15 pieces.
    • Authentic ammo for all weapons has been added.
    • All helmets now protect the neck as well as the  head.
    • Tombstone hits have been fixed for melee attacks. 
    • A bug where it was possible damage counted could be doubled after a melee weapon attack on doors or tombstones. 
    • A bug where the reloading time for “Bazooka” and “Panzerschreck” was calculated incorrectly has been fixed.
    • The Jetpack will be now located in a back armour slot that won’t prevent two perks items being carried.
    • The display of the costs for sprays after a discount due to rounding has been fixed.
    • Bunny slippers have now  been renamed to Seven-league boots. Its visual model and action sound have been changed also.
    • Perk-item names have been changed.
  • Graphics and interface:
    • Added options to toggle and manage Global Illumination.
    • Possibility of finding players originally registered with game on other gaming platforms has been added.
    • Visualization when triggering the magic seal has been added.
    • Shadows at the border of transition from the nearest cascade to the distant one (at the border of shadow quality transition through distance) have been improved.
    • The control settings screen has been improved: Display for the currently set keys has been added; column headings have been added.
    • Hints after character death have been removed.
    • A bug where it was possible that the reloading animation could be repeated several times has been fixed.
    • Additional traces of blood on the surroundings from a grenade explosion have been added.
    • The research tree has been adapted for different screen resolutions.
    • Descriptions of content in the pack has been added. Shown by pointing on them in the ingame shop.
    • The visual behavior of other players has been improved and should be now less “twitching”.
    • Smoothed cursors for high resolution monitors have been added.
    • The visualization of the character choice in the customization menu has been improved. Substrate that separates them from the actual background has been added. 
    • Items in the inventory will be now highlighted in the same colour as shown when on the ground.
    • The displaying of the XP boost from team members (duo, squad) has been fixed.
    • For quicker matching into the gaming session we have added the possibility to choose several servers for the game.
    • The inventory weapon slot now also shows the total ammo count.
    • Fixed bug when on 4:3 displays Russian text strings did not fit into the screen on settings page
  • Sound:
    • Car horn sounds have been added.
    • A rare bug that caused the incorrect sound being played when ramming the fridge with a car has been fixed.
    • The sound of rattling utensils has been removed from hinged armour.
    • Fixed bug where the new level sound played twice.
  • Other:
    • The behavior of vehicles when destroying objects on the map has been improved. The desynchronization which causes the car to jerk after the destruction of objects occur less often.
    • Character interaction with bushes has been added. Bushes now deviate from contact with a character.
    • Network traffic has been reduced.
    • Fixed a bug where the kill log displayed the wrong weapon name, improved kill log icons.
    • Added ‘crown’ icon to the names of players who purchase a subscription as a friend of the game. They will also get a new gravestone and crown-hat.