Xbox update and bugfix (

15 October 2019

Long awaited juddering (wobbling) of sights in aiming mode has been fixed - you can now use optical scopes without any obstacles. And do not forget to use breath hold ability to steady aim even further!

Also we have reduced starting radius on Mexico map 15% to create more intense battles.We will keep balancing it to create best experience.

Other fixes include:

  • Juddering of sights in aiming mode has been fixed.
  • Reward rebalanced for "Yellow lizard", "Aztec bird", and "Aztec statue" pants. The first kills now grant more souls.
  • Teleports have been fixed when the "Brown note" sounds.
  • When in beast mode, Clyde becomes less slow moving than when in normal state from hits.
  • The start zone radius has been reduced by 15% to create more intense combat.
  • The number of vehicles spawning in the Mexico map has increased twofold. A vehicle is a necessity, not a luxury!
  • Fixed a bug where a character could try to eat from the ground. It is not a healthy habit, so they shouldn't even try.
  • Fixed a bug where Clyde could enter Beast mode without a changing animation or fighting properly.
  • Fixed the appearance of the world in spectator camera, if before death, Ocelot activated his skill. Now in observer mode the world is displayed correctly, and not in the form of the world of spirits.
  • Removed limit of sinner souls received from underwear or talismans for jumping in seven-league boots.
  • Fixed a bug where a character could enter battle with unsuitable items. Like Clyde wearing a Ocelotl talisman.
  • Optimized the video memory usage in the game.
  • Slightly optimized RAM usage in the game.
  • Fixed the wrong shape of shadows from ivy-bound trees.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. Cuisine Royale is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.