Cuisine Royale Release: Path to Valhalla

12 December 2019

Fighters! Today our brutal and mystical last-man-standing shooter is finally released, ending the beta stage! We’ve already told you about the new items arriving, the new version of the Normandy map, the arrival of tactical medicine and the new resurrection system coming with the release, but there’s more!

So, what else is there?

New Character

Right from the chilling shores of Scandinavia came Eric ‘Torden’ Thorsson, bringing the wrath of the Norse gods with him. 

Эрик «Торден» Торссон
Eric ‘Torden’ Thorsson

In his youth, Eric was struck by a bolt of lightning, but survived, taking that as a sign from then onward. He received the ability to use ‘Thunderstrike’, allowing him to teleport-jump into the sky and crash down in a ‘stunning’ fashion, throwing around his opponents, breaking objects, and blowing cars away. While ascending through the lightning, he can move through any obstacle, and during his crashing descent, he can control the direction of movement and use a special vision, seeing opponents, weapons, and other important tactical objects clearly.

The thunderstrike ability will not only help Eric avoid getting to Valhalla too early, but it is also  a good tool to assist with the capture of strategic positions. 

Eric will be available in the game in his viking working outfit, his warrior outfit and his berserk outfit. 

Also, due to the season update, the Aztec shaman ‘Itz Ocelotl’ will become available to be unlocked by all players. Who will win in this clash of two different mythologies?

New Leaderboard and League System

Cuisine Royale is a competition game, and we want to make leaderboard statistics fairer and more interesting for players. 

It is important that once you get to the higher league, you don’t fall out of it before the end of the calculation and league change period (which currently happens once every two months). Be advised that these league seasons change will not be directly connected to any content update the game may receive.

All ratings will continue to be calculated using the Elo system — where changes to your rating depends on the difference with the rating of an enemy. For winrating system calculates your win rating againsе all players’ winratings: who died in the battle before you and those who still live. If you manage to out-survive those who have a higher rating than yours - you will receive more points. Those who are less experienced will bring you much fewer points, so the higher your rating, the more difficult it is to advance, and the faster it will deteriorate when you are killed early. Kill ratings are calculated the same way, but for each kill separately as a result of a duel. 

On briefing screen after the battle you can now see all that effected change in your rating.

For duo and squad modes, from now on, win ratings will be calculated based on whole teams surviving and being killed in the battle, and is based on the moment the last team member is killed. So, even if you die early in the battle, but your team goes on, you will receive a better win rating compared with the previous system.

Fire Arms

Finally, we want to answer a popular question: ‘Where can be find the new firearms in the game?’ Modern weaponry like the Steyer AUG A1, the M4A1 and the HK MP5N can now be looted from Tactical fridges (replacing the AKMs therein) or from Orbital drops. 

Orbital fridges will keep supplying players with the best weaponry. Apart from the above mentioned, these will also include well known grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and anti-tank rifles. We have excluded more ordinary weapons, like shotguns. 

At the same time, in regular loot, you will find new firearms such as the FN SCAR-L and HK UMP45, as well as the familiar AKM.

Full list of changes

  • Eric “Torden” Thorsson character has been added. 
  • The possibility to treat seriously wounded teammates has been added.
  • It is now possible to resurrect a dead teammate by using their hearts once per battle. 
  • Item “heart” has been added to the loot of a dead team member.
  • Firing sound has been reworked. Now it is easier to define distance to enemy using the sound of his shots.
  • The rating system has been changed. Win rate leagues have been added.
  • Players will be assigned to the leagues which are based on their win rates at the time of the update. The win rating of a player will be carried to the minimum value of his league rating and the rest of the values will be reset.
  • Previous rating tables will remain available for viewing, but will not be updated.
  • A winter version of the location “Normandy” is now available.
  • This display of footsteps and car traces in snow has been added.
  • Itz Ocelot is now available for everyone to be researched in the workshop. 
  • A new car has been added.
  • The amount of uber pans in battles has been reduced. 
  • On the default control settings for a PC, the button “X” is now responsible for a character’s ability and “Y” is responsible for indicating the location of an item for squadmates.
  • Hints on the loading screen before a battle have been added.
  • New loading screens have been added.
  • The briefing window after the battle now shows how and which kills affected the player’s rating.


  • New weapons
    • Assault rifles Steyer AUG A1, FN SCAR-L and M4A1.
    • Sub-machine guns HK UMP45, HK MP5N.
    • Shotgun Winchester Model 1912.
    • Smith Hammer and Warrior Hammer.
    • The list of items which can be found in the orbital fridge has been updated and now includes modern assault rifles, anti-tank rifles, grenade launchers, machine guns and the HK MP5N.
    • Tactical fridges now contain one of the following modern weapons: AUG A1,  M4A1, or HK MP5N. The AKM is now forms part of the regular loot on the map.
    • Colt Walker damage has been increased by 2.5 times.
    • The armour-piercing ability of the .45 APC bullet has been reduced.

Abilities and seals

  • New signs which quickly restore stamina have been added.
  • A sign that triggers a random ritual has been added.
  • New traps-mines against vehicles have been added.
  • New underpants and talismans showing the nearest cars have been added.
  • Special ability of Eric “Torden” Thorsson - “Thunderstrike” - has been added. It allows him to fly up and crash upon the ground, scattering players and obstacles, while also highlighting useful targets.
  • A bug where the winner of a battle received souls from the tombstone in the next battle has been fixed.

This release is already available to PC players. Players on PS4 and Xbox will get it next week!

We hope you make good use of your adrenaline on our battlefields! See you there!