Update Panzerschreck, armour and helmets

7 February 2019

New weapons, armour, sights and helmets, radiostations for boombox and bug fixes!

New weapons, armour & sights

  • New weapon and rounds have been added:
    • Panzerschreck.
  • New protection has been added:
    • 5 helmets of different protection levels.
    • 6 armour types with different protection levels.
  • Mosin rifle has been replaced from the M38 carbine to a sniper variant M91/30.
  • The visual model of the 3.5x and M84 crosshairs has been changed.
  • 3 rifles now have accurate telescopic sight models when scopes are attached:
    • Gewehr 43 has the ZF4
    • Mosin 91/30 has the PU
    • Kar.98k has the ZF39
  • Individual view blurring calculation for weapons at a close distance has been added. Now when aiming the rear sight remains in focus and will not be so blurred.

Gameplay, interface & sound

  • The display of the loot lying on the ground has been updated:
    • Food has green frames.
    • An item that weighs more than a player can carry now has a red background (previously any overweight was marked in red and overlapped with other markers which prevented the usability of the object marked by the purple outline).
  • Once a player opens their inventory, the list of items lying near a player on the ground now have duplicate items displayed as one element with the number of duplicate items.
  • Item sorting in the inventory has been improved.
  • Optics attached to weapons will be automatically dropped to the ground upon a player’s death - thus making it easier to search for new optics.
  • Optics, lying on the ground will be marked as “useful” if a player has a weapon with a vacant slot for such optics.
  • The HUD bottom right corner will now display any equipped perks (cigar, slippers, etc.).
  • Now after death, a pool of blood appears under the character.
  • 21 radio stations have been added to the “Boombox playlist”. You can choose the radio station you are interested in and switch to it in battle.
  • The sounds for walking that sounded the same when moving on different surfaces has been fixed. Now you can hear exactly what's under your feet: wood, metal, concrete or earth.

Changes in weapon characteristics

  • Mauser 7.92×57mm damage has been slightly increased.
  • A bug where the MG 42 and Kar98k used the wrong ammo has been fixed. Previously it dealt more damage with a hit than a normal 7.92×57mm Mauser round which is used in other German weapons. (E.g. a stationary MG 42).

Bug Fixes

  • A bug when the last kill in a battle was not recorded in the winning player’s statistics has been fixed.
  • A bug where grenades would disappear when reloading weapons has been fixed.
  • A bug where firing from a stationary machine gun the rounds for the main weapon would disappear has been fixed.
  • A bug where squad members respawn remote from each other has been fixed. 


  • A bug where characters were twitching whilst prone or whilst changing their position to lie down has been fixed.
  • Several game crashes have been fixed.