Take my heart!

11 December 2019

Dear survival masters! We continue to reveal the new mechanics and content coming to our brutal shooter with the official release of Cuisine Royale: Path to Valhalla! 

Those who like to fight in groups know how bad it feels to lose a mate in battle, especially if there is still a long way to fight before victory is achieved. This aspect is soon to change, allowing you ways to bring your squad-mates back into the action of the battlefield!

Firstly, in squad and duo modes, players can become ‘downed’ after taking enough damage. If a character loses all their health, they will fall on the ground and begin to bleed out. That player’s teammates will then have a short amount of time to practice some field medicine in order to stop the bleeding. If they manage to do so fast enough, the wounded character will survive, but if they linger, or the downed player receives additional damage, the character’s death will result. So, watch your teammates closely and be swift in administering first aid.

Also, be advised that only those players whose health is damaged to a degree which is not too far below the ‘zero’ mark will be downed. If a player receives a large amount of damage, they will be killed on sight. A revived character will have a very low amount of health after being revived - they’ll barely be able to stand - so, ensure they receive high-nutrition food fast.

Secondly, if your squad-mate proceeds to die, that is not completely the end! Approach their body and take their… heart. Yes, it’s a bit messy to cut the heart out from your friend’s fresh corpse, but at that point, it’s the only way to help.

Remember the mystic fires, which we’ve mentioned before, appearing on the Normandy and Mexico maps? Run there and throw your comrade’s heart into the flames to bring him back to the world of the living! You can only do this once for each deceased player, as his heart burns down in a fire, but it’s still a good way to raise your squad’s chances of victory.

Do not forget to bring spare guns and ammo - only the body and soul return from the dead, so everything else has to be collected from scratch. 

Also, one should remember that ritual fires can soon become good ambush sites for those who like to hunt dirty. So, be careful while rushing, heart in hand, to resurrect your best friend...

News on all the other new content coming to Cuisine Royal will be announced on the day of the game’s full release, so stay tuned to the news!