“Heaven's Wrath” arrives in Cuisine Royale Update
6 May 2020
Cuisine Royale is pleased to present you with a new major which has rightly been named “Heaven's Wrath, and we are excited to now reveal to you the cool features and novelties that have been added to the game!
Server update 08.07.20 Update
8 July 2020
A bug where Xaos Games voting could hang without a result if the streamer has been killed has been fixed.
Update Update
2 July 2020
Fixed the collision of 3.5 Night Scope with some armor and outfits of Champions while targeting.
Update Update
26 June 2020
Fixed a bug causing damage from firearms accidently to apply to the enemy behind the player. The allocation of battles amongst country-specific loot weapon presets is now more even.
Server update 24.06.2020 Update
24 June 2020
Heaven’s Wrath ritual now works correctly when started by Xaos Games.
Update Update
19 June 2020
Now streamers who have linked the Twitch and Gaijin Streaming Service accounts and also enabled streaming mode (in Options, Xaos Games tab) will get 10 sinner souls for each minute of playing live on the stream.
χaos Games — Add some chaos in streamers battles! News
18 June 2020
Help your favourite streamers by giving them a timely ‘Fast Run’, or play a joke on them by flooding their location, summoning the zombie horde or meteor shower! χaos Games are launched in beta mode and can be temporarily suspended for bug fixing or improvements.
Update Update
17 June 2020
Graphics settings now have separate ‘Rendering Resolution Scale’ setting Added selection of audio output device to sound settings A Long Range Kill is now credited only when a bullet or projectile is used. In challenges, the progress bar will now show total challenges done.
Answers from the devs Answers
16 June 2020
Greetings, fighters! Together with the awesome Cuisine Royale meme group in VK, we’ve prepared a collection of answers from the dev team to some popular questions about the game!
Update Update
4 June 2020
Fixed a bug that allowed the conducting of repeated attacks too quickly in melee.
Update Update
3 June 2020
The duration of Valentine's ‘Flickering Step’ ability has been lowered from 24 to 18 seconds, meaning the number of instant dashes has gone down from 4 to 3. The damage caused by .45 ACP ammo has been increased to 8. The damage caused by the 9 mm pistol and SMG ammo has been lowered to 7.5. The damage caused by machine gun ammo has been increased to 12. Recoil for the Gewehr 41 and Gewehr 43 rifles has been increased. Now, when Champion moves while not in targeting mode, his accuracy will decrease depending on his movement speed.
Update Update
1 June 2020
Fixed a bug causing a Champion to move in the wrong direction when the stick was pressed diagonally on some controllers. The hammer and the machete are no longer highlighted as useful if a Champion has the baseball bat equipped as a melee weapon.
Update Update
28 May 2020
Eric will no longer freeze over a surface when finishing his ‘Thunderstrike’ ability move.
Update Update
27 May 2020
If your teammate is killed on the stairs in the house, his heart will not drop below the kill spot. Jetpack visual effects will now turn off after you sit in the vehicle. A vulnerability that allows firing without ammunition consumption has been fixed. The bug, that caused Clyde to inflict no melee damage while using his ability, has been fixed.
Update Update
25 May 2020
The amount of T3 Armor that may be found as loot has been slightly increased. The amount of Infantry Mosina rifles that may be found as loot has been decreased. Ammo for machine guns is now marked as tracer rounds. The explosion pack has been added to Practice mode. The explosion pack has been added to Practice mode.
Server update 21.05.2020 Update
21 May 2020
Fixed bug that allowed shooting without ammo depletion. Changed bonus of underwear and talismans giving souls for rituals in game. Now souls are credited only after the ritual is over and not credited if it was erased.