Update “Age of Nagual”: unique Bullet Time, Fury of the Beast and a new Character Update
9 October 2019
Today we publish a major update for Cuisine Royale, it is time to reveal final important new features to come with it. We kept the really cool ones for today! At the end of the text you’ll find a full change log as usual.
Update Update
6 December 2019
We continue to prepare for the next major update for Cuisine Royale. Before being able to enjoy new content we will release a patch containing a lot of bug fixes and improvements.
Modern weaponry and new mystic seals in Cuisine Royale News
3 December 2019
Soon our brutal online last-man-standing shooter will get a new content update and today we would like to present some of it: new weapons and items that will be introduced.
Cuisine Royale is now available for everyone on PS4 News
3 December 2019
Good news for PlayStation 4 players. Everyone can now play Cuisine Royale for free and PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive additional bonuses in the game.
Update Update
25 November 2019
A bug has been fixed where squad members could spawn at extended distances from each other.
Cuisine Royale now on Playstation 4! News
19 November 2019
After a considerable amount of hard work, we are now pleased to announce that Cuisine Royal, the brutal multiplayer last-man-standing shooter with realistic weaponry, mystic traps and demonic rituals, is coming to PlayStation® 4, ready to be tested and played from the 19th of November!
Update Update
18 November 2019
The chances of starting the game in dusk or dawn twilight has been decreased. Improved character control with bad connection. Added warning if connection is being disrupted.
Partnership Program News
13 November 2019
It’s time to cook up a little something special for our Youtube and Twitch fans! Today, we are opening the Cuisine Royale Partnership Program for all those crazy and funky creators that want to feature our game and get a small bonus for their effort.
Server update 12.11.19 Update
12 November 2019
Now vehicles have stopped doing somersaults and tripping over surrounding objects. Characters also no longer get stuck after exiting a vehicle.
Update Update
11 November 2019
A bug which made it possible for players with very high ping to be able to move and do damage to enemies has been fixed.
Update Update
6 November 2019
Respawn mechanics have been improved. Now if a player will be connected to an ongoing battle, their respawn point will be chosen closer to the first safe circle or even inside it. Annie “Pin-up” Ashley’s ability “Bullet Time” has been improved. Vehicle controlling has been improved.
Update Update
31 October 2019
Hollows has a new appearance: better textures, glowing eyes. Mystic powers showing themselves in new ways (check the game to find out more). Every vehicle gets its own unique horn sound. A bug has been fixed where the flare case could not be brought into battle. Coin duplicator exploit has been fixed. Crashes on Radeon RX 5700XT have been fixed.
Updates - Update
30 October 2019
Twitching character animation caused by desynchronization has been fixed. Ritual of the “Zombie Apocalypse” has been reworked. Now at the end of battle it is active for 1 minute and not for 5 minutes. PPD 34/38 drum texture has been fixed.
For the Night is Dark and Full of Terror News
29 October 2019
Gladiators of Cuisine Royale, you have faced a number of mystic perils, but in this event you will shiver! Halloween is coming and evil, residing on the Dark side, strives to enter our world.
Xbox update and bugfix (
15 October 2019
Long awaited juddering (wobbling) of sights in aiming mode has been fixed - you can now use optical scopes without any obstacles. And do not forget to use breath hold ability to steady aim even further! Also we have reduced starting radius on Mexico map 15% to create more intense battles.We will keep balancing it to create best experience.
Update Update
14 October 2019
The number of vehicles spawning in the Mexico map has increased twofold. A vehicle is a necessity, not a luxury! Fixed a bug where a character could try to eat from the ground. It is not a healthy habit, so they shouldn't even try. Fixed a bug where Clyde could enter Beast mode without a changing animation or fighting properly. Fixed the appearance of the world in spectator camera, if before death, Ocelot activated his skill. Now in observer mode the world is displayed correctly, and not in the form of the world of spirits Removed limit of sinner souls received from underwear or talismans for jumping in seven-league boots. Fixed a bug where a character could enter battle with unsuitable items. Like Clyde wearing a Ocelotl talisman. Optimized the video memory usage in the game Slightly optimized RAM usage in the game. Fixed the wrong shape of shadows from ivy-bound trees.