Screenshot contest

7 February 2020

Sometimes it is useful to stop for a moment and realize how beautiful the world is….of Cuisine Royale! Each frame of your battle is filled not only with tension and dynamic events and action, but also with beauty and serenity in the world around you. So, it is decided! It is time to capture it!

Upload your screenshot on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page or special screenshot channel on the official discord by writing your exact nickname and using two special hashtags #ShotCuisineRoyale and #BattleRoyale in the comments of your creation.

The contest will last until the 29th of February. 


  • The three best screenshots in each category will be awarded with the Founder subscription (Founder badge, wearable crown, king’s gravestone baseball bat and “Bat” minion). 
  • Jury prizes - 500 Golden Crown.

Some winner’s creations may be published on the Media page on the official web page of our game!

Task and nominations

Your task is to create best screenshot for one of the nominations:


Capture the beautiful views that demonstrate all the advantages of the graphic and quality of the detailed created locations in Cuisine Royale. The presence of champions on the screenshots is acceptable.


Show a spectacular and dynamic screenshot right from the midst of battle! The more action and effects on the screenshot, the better.

You can make a screenshot by pressing the “Print Screen” button or you can use any other suitable software.

Terms and hints

  • You can temporarily disable the in-game interface by pressing Ctrl+Shift+G simultaneously.
  • To get rid of weapons in the screenshot you can turn your head while pressing and holding the “C” button (by default).
  • Your creations will be accepted until the 29th of February. The winners will be awarded within 3 days after the end of the contest.
  • The number of screenshots from one participant isn’t limited.
  • Your screenshot should be created specially for the competition and should not violate moral and ethical norms as well as the game rules and EULA.
  • Only the screenshots published on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page and on the official discord with the two special hashtags and your exact in-game nickname can participate in the contest.
  • The prize founder subscription is limited for 1 month after which all in-game items included here will disappear.
  • Make sure your Facebook profile privacy settings are set to public (otherwise, we won’t be able to see your entry), this applies to other Social Media too.