3 September 2019

Weaponry, items, equipment, damage model

  • The damage model of player characters in vehicles has been improved. Now you can do damage to players sitting in vehicles through the components of a vehicle.
  • After leaving the vehicle a player will not take damage from being hit by it for one second.
  • You can now find the Flare Gun with one shot and Jetpack in battles as loot.
  • The possibility of interrupting treatment has been added. You can do this by pressing the treatment button (“T”) again.
  • Head armor Mk.1, Head armor Mk.2, Head armor Mk.3 are now making sounds when the player character is moving.
  • Throwing grenades has become more convenient. Now, to throw the grenade far away, you don't have to raise the sight high up.
  • On the FG-42 the front sight will be now folded when the optical sight will be mounted.
  • The amount of HPs of the stationary MG-42 machine gun has been reduced.
  • Improved removal of weapons from obstacles. Now the character will adjust himself to the vertical position of the obstacles where possible. In the aiming mode the character will also choose the appropriate angle of inclination. Instead of removing the weapon in many cases the weapon will just be moved to the side away from the obstacle.
  • HE grenades will be automatically thrown now 1.2 seconds before the explosion.
  • Fixed bug causing grenade to explode if being thrown while in sprint during active ritual of Fast Run.
  • Fixed bug causing 6X scope to convert into 4X if mounted on some rifles. 
  • Fixed bug causing 4X scope to convert into 3.5X if mounted on AKM. 
  • Fixed bug causing more rounds to be spent than actually fired.
  • Fixed bug when while shooting from a stationary machine gun and holding Uberpan it could still deflect bullets.
  • Increased speed of knife attacks, changed knife animations. 

Gameplay and interface

  • The marking system has been redesigned. Cooldown for making markers has been added. The first few markers can be used as before, without cooldown, after which cooldown for one second will be applied. So, you can use markers as before but without the possibility to spam with them. Enemy marker will be no longer placed above the enemy's head but next to the enemy, so you can no longer "scout" the enemy in the bushes.
  • Hint about the possibility to open and close window has been added.
  • Search for doors, windows and loot around you has been improved. It is now easier to pick up loot under your feet, as well as open hatches, doors and windows.
  • Added nickname display on the battle results screen. All for your joy, addicted to share screenshots in social media!


  • The sound of showing the object to the teammate has been added.
  • Enemy marker sound has been changed.
  • Breatholding sounds have been added.
  • The sounds of choking of the character in the water have been added.
  • Sounds of character cries when falling from a high altitude have been added. If the character has the “Bunny Slippers of Bounce”, so the character will not scream during the fall.
  • New environment sounds (bees, crickets) have been added.
  • Bloggers' voices are temporarily turned off, new voices may appear in the future, follow the news.

New mechanics

  • Bullet ricochet mechanics has been added. The behavior of the ricocheted bullet depends on the material the bullet hit.
  • Grenade backthrowing mechanics has been added. Now any thrown grenade can be picked up and thrown back if there is enough time.
  • The round reload mechanics has been added for m1903 springfield, kar98k and mosin m91:
    • If you have spent 1 round of ammunition, then the next time you reload it instead of a full change of the clip, the character will load the missing round into the current magazine.
    • If you’ve spent more rounds, the clip will be completely replaced.
  • Added mechanic of increased damage from back stabbing. In kill log it is marked with special icon. 
  • Added ability to change seats in transport:
    • To change to next seat in transport by pressing "N";
    • To change to seat with specific number by pressing "Ctrl + 1", "Ctrl + 2" and so on. Also you can occupy driver seat by long pressing "N".

Graphic and animation

  • Added additional shading of ambient light by characters.
  • Improved water drops effect on a screen. 
  • Added micro-mimics for characters in main menu. 
  • Visual update of the recoil of the weapon behavior. Now the recoil also moves the weapon in your hands.
  • Added rotation of the weapon whilst changing the aiming direction, so the weapon on your hands become more “natural”.


  • Fixed bug causing colors to shift in main menu after video driver crash during battle. 
  • Fixed bug of some loot icons to be drawn with artefacts. 
  • Fixed bug causing icons of medium and large bags to display wrong. 
  • Fixed bug causing sprays to disappear after video driver crash. 
  • Fixed bug when spectators heard no sound of bolt action from rifles. 
  • Fixed bug when weapons in loot where highlighted as superior even if player has them. 
  • Fixed bug when some loot could mistakenly highlighted as superior to the one you already have.
  • Fixed bug causing Depth of Field to disappear in main menu after video driver crash. 
  • Fixed bug when empty Jetpack could be highlighted as advised loot. 
  • Fixed bug allowing to sit in a transport through the wall. 
  • Fixed bug when driver could use melee attacks. 
  • Fixed bug causing scopes to multiply in drop after death of a player. 
  • Fixed bug causing targeting zoom to remain after sitting in a transport. 
  • Fixed bug when after suicide in Duo or Squad mode wrong message ‘Destroy Tombstone to get N souls’ could appear. 
  • Fixed bug causing helmets to stick to killed players.
  • Fixed bug causing items dropped in the air to float.
  • Fixed bug when ‘Bunny Slippers of Jump’ where invisible on a player. 
  • Fixed bug causing modules ‘Bunny Slippers of Jump’ and ‘Knee Pads of Speed’ still be visible after removal.
  • Fixed bug when player proning on a transport roof did not move with the transport.
  • Fixed bug causing sights to disappear while strafing.
  • Fixed bug preventing hat to be taken of in inventory after battle start.
  • Fixed bug allowing 360 head rotation in first-person mode while driving.
  • Fixed bug preventing observers to see grenades in armed grenade launchers.
  • Fixed bug causing water ripples to disappear after video driver crash.
  • Fixed bug causing regular boombox to appear instead of El Mariachi one. 
  • Fixed bug causing weapon model to appear near machine gun if it was used immediately after grenade throw. 
  • Fixed bug when camera could follow weapon while swapping weapons in targeting mode.
  • Fixed bug where female hats "Female Indian feather hat", "Indian red feather hat" and "Indian feather hat" in first-person mode could obstruct vision while being prone.
  • Fixed bug causing loading screen clouds to be drawn with artefacts on Radeon RX 5700 XT.
  • Fixed bug causing wrong shadows drawing when moving camera. 
  • Fixed bug causing tumbtones to float. Now they are better aligned with surface. 
  • Fixed bug when recoil caused weapon immersing in player head. 
  • Fixed bug allowing calling two airdrops simultaneously.
  • Fixed bug when player could be one-shot killed in a transport from a rifle.
  • Fixed bug with disappearing shells.
  • Fixed bug when passengers in a bus where floating in the air.
  • Fixed bug with positioning of players on 3rd and 4th seats in Opel Olympia.
  • Fixed bug with muzzle flash floating away from the barrel.
  • A bug, where characters equipped with machine guns would have no sprint animation, has been fixed.
  • Twitching, which would occur while turning a stationary machine gun, has been fixed.


  • A bug which would cause player-death while standing on a hatch has been fixed.
  • A bug which would cause players damage when standing on a table in certain circumstances has been fixed.
  • Fixed single-round reloading while wearing glasses.
  • Reduced the possibility of client crashes.
  • Fixed some errors in localization files.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. Cuisine Royale is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.