About the Game


Cuisine Royale is a brutal multiplayer last-man-standing shooter with realistic weaponry, mystic traps and demonic rituals. And hey, it’s free!


  • Massive and intense PvP battles: dozens of players head out from different parts of beautifully crafted and picturesque location, starting only in their basic suits and fighting all their way to the center of a battlefield that is constantly shrinking in size, as the deadly Dark Zone closes around them.
  • Constantly growing number of very realistically modeled weapons and combat armour. Try to master them all - we do not compromise on the physics of ballistics.
  • Every character has a unique ability, capable of changing duel outcomes if used properly!
  • Win using all your battle skills and traits: rush or be stealthy, snipe from a distance, or shoot point-blank, place precise shots from a bolt-action or make use of heavy machine guns. Backstab, hack, smash in melee combat with an arsenal of cold steel and blunt weapons, or blast those losers into pieces with grenades and rockets. Fly with a jetpack spraying bullets from the sky or request your own orbital supply airdrop - and start a fight over its content.
  • Also be ready to use demonic powers! Draw bloody mystic seals or conduct ancient rituals to heal allies, slow down enemies, set numerous traps, summon zombies or even teleport yourself or your enemy somewhere the hell out of your space. But first - gather enough souls of sinners to pay for it – a resource you get for killing your enemies.
  • Can’t find a good helmet or bullet proof vest? Different and unexpected items can be used as a temporary backup. Just explore the map for useful loot - there are plenty of options!
  • Stand out from the crowd and boost your skills and battle options! Craft and learn new seals, rituals, suits, masks, gestures, tombstones, camera minions, functional underwear and other useful and cosmetic items. You can also purchase the optional Story Book that increases rewards per battle and unlocks additional item recipes.
  • Fair play TPV: you can play in first or third person view. In order to mitigate any advantage of the latter, every player has a minion with a camera that can uncover the position of a player who is peeking around a corner. So if you see a butterfly or a drone - you should know that you are being watched.
  • Lots of new features added regularly.


General Questions

Cuisine Royale is a brutal multiplayer last-man-standing shooter with realistic weaponry, mystic traps and demonic rituals. Find out more information about the game on the official website, the Cuisine Royale Steam page or on the Xbox shop page.

The game is free to play. Those who would love to support the development of the game, can purchase ingame currency (Crowns) in our shop that can be used on masks, outfits, pants, other cosmetic items and the “Weird West Stories book” form directly in the game, which will allow you to get more rewards and level up faster!

To play Cuisine Royale you can use either your Gaijin.Net account or play via Steam.

The Gaijin.NET Agent is recommended for set up at first launch of the game. The Gaijin.NET Agent is harmless and safe. It tracks updates in Cuisine Royale and downloads them to the game to its actual version (as well as any other Gaijin games installed on a PC). You can always turn off Automatic updates in the launcher settings.
Steam players can update and launch the game directly from the Steam Library, without using the launcher and the automatic updater. Though, we still recommend the use of automatic updates, launching the game via the launcher. It will allow you to update the game to the actual version at any time.

The actual system requirements can be found on the main page on this website or on the game’s Steam page.

You can switch the language in the Launcher or in the game settings (right click the game title in Steam library – Properties – Language) if playing via Steam.

Game questions

Up to 40 players take part in each session. Currently we have three modes available:
SOLO – a deathmatch where each player fights for themselves.
DUO – battles for 2-player squads (PC only).
SQUAD – battles for 3-player and 4-player squads. You can also try yourself in these battles fighting alone or in a team of two players.

Yes, you can find contacts in the game main menu, add other players to your friends list and invite them to join a squad to play together in DUO (2 players) and SQUAD (3-4 players) modes.

In games where both first person and third person views are available, the latter gives an advantage. A player can spot an opponent from behind an obstacle, while the opponent doesn’t know he’s been seen by his adversary nearby. In Cuisine Royale each player has a minion, which carries a camera in third person view. The third person view camera-man reveals the location of a player when looking from a corner. So be on the lookout. If you notice a butterfly or a small helicopter suddenly appearing from nowhere – you are being watched. If you switch to first person view, your minion will land on your left shoulder (you can see it, using the mouse plus the ‘C’ key).

Yes, there are servers available for Europe, East Asia, Eastern Europe and North America.

In the game shop you can purchase a Story Book and gold crowns to create new items for futher customisation of your character, including mystic traps and rituals.

Account security and forbidden game modifications

Yes, in Cuisine Royale we use the EasyAntiCheat system, which prevents unfair play and fraud. EasyAntiCheat follows a zero-tolerance strategy for unfair play in Cuisine Royale, and any account ban will be permanent.

Player passwords are not stored in a ‘database’ so it’s literally impossible to ‘steal’ it. For authorization we use crypto-resistant salted hashes, which can’t be used for obtaining player password, even if a malefactor ever gets access to the player database. Unfortunately, some of our players still use the same or similar logins and passwords to access different systems, which gives an attacker the best opportunity to steal information from unsecured sources and use it to compromise careless player accounts. We advise you to use a unique complex password for your Cuisine Royale account; it will greatly improve your personal data security.
To increase the protection of your account from hacking and theft attempts, you can enable a two-step authorisation system for your account utilizing the Google Authenticator service. This system has been introduced to protect your account in any case, even if a malefactor is able to get your password. To use the Google Authenticator, the only thing you will need is a smartphone based on either the iOs, Android or BlackBerry operating system. However, unofficial applications for Windows phone and desktop computers also exist. To enable the two-step authorisation, you will need to login at the general login page located at: https://login.gaijin.net/.

Please, submit your bugs and suggestions to the official Discord channel