Update “Age of Nagual”: unique Bullet Time, Fury of the Beast and a new Character Update
9 October 2019
Today we publish a major update for Cuisine Royale, it is time to reveal final important new features to come with it. We kept the really cool ones for today! At the end of the text you’ll find a full change log as usual.
Special Royal Founder pack Development
10 October 2019
Especially for friends of Cuisine Royale the last-man-standing shooter, we have prepared a Royal Founder pack. Do you want to support our dynamic and kick-ass drama-full game and show everyone how much you like it? Purchase this status for a month for golden crowns and you will get: a special crown-badge in front of your nickname*, a crown item to be worn in the hat slot, a baseball bat to show how brutal you are in a close fight. You will also get a Royal Gravestone saving up to 100 sinner souls for the next fight and the much desired bat-minion to accompany you. We would also like to assure you that we will keep developing Cuisine Royale actively, adding new game mechanics and content. We will see you on the battlefield!
Armory restocking Development
4 October 2019
Good day, dear experts in style and good weaponry! As you could have guessed, the major update of Cuisine Royale “Weird West: Age of Nagual” will bring you a number of new ingame items.
Cuisine Royale now with Ray Traced Global Illumination! Development
2 October 2019
Today we will talk about one of those additions, a very visually-pleasing technical innovation that will make the game even more stunning.
Greed Games Development
26 September 2019
Friends, we continue to introduce you to new features in the Cuisine Royale release version “Weird West: Age of Nagual”. In it, both in Mexico and Normandy you will be able to meet a new kind of bandit. The “one armed” types.​​​​​​​
Hot fajitos a-la Mexican Development
24 September 2019
Hi there! We continue to talk about the upcoming release of the Cuisine Royale. The first noticeable innovation - from now on you will not only be fighting in breezy Normandy but also in the hot jungles and sands of Mexico.
It’s getting hot! Development
20 September 2019
Ready for new battles? Cuisine Royale version 1.0 is approaching release. We’ll tell more about all new stuff in there - and there is a lot to tell - in nearest news. But now rest assured: current game progress won’t be wiped and all active story books will remain valid!
The “Wild West” season - what's new? Development
11 December 2018
Are you looking forward to the beginning of the new season - “Wild West”? We want to tell you about new stuff we have prepared. Really soon you will receive a new update and there will be a new story in Cuisine Royale, where you will be the hero!
Gaijin.NET Agent now optional Development
20 September 2018
Due to our player's feedback, we have made Gaijin.Net agent entirely optional during a Steam installation (now you can decide whether you want to use it, or not)